Big Sale Terms & Condition



These Specific Terms & Conditions of the EVENT shall apply to the offer and sale by Jashanmal to you in connection with the EVENT and by making a purchase of any item/ product listed under the EVENT, you warrant that you have read and agree to abide by these Specific Terms & Conditions of the EVENT, along with our Website Terms of Use and Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale on our Website.

PLEASE BE INFORMED, these Specific Terms & Conditions of the EVENT are supplemental to our Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale on our Website and in case of any discrepancy between the Specific Terms & Conditions of the EVENT and Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale on our Website, these Specific Terms & Conditions of the EVENT shall prevail to the extent of such discrepancy related to the EVENT, as follows:

  • Shipping time frames and terms:
    • Due to an overwhelming number of orders, there may be a delay in the shipment of your order beyond 48 hours. Kindly bear with us, we will endeavour to arrange timely delivery of your order to the best of our ability. No claim can be made for any possible delays in the deliveries of your orders.
  • Return processing disclaimer:
    • All items/ products under the EVENT are being sold on an AS IS BASIS. Customers are informed that the items’/ products’ packaging/ boxes may be soiled, torn, broken or damaged but the actual items/ products shall be free from any defect.
    • There is strictly a “NO EXCHANGE POLICY” and “NO REFUND POLICY” that shall be followed on the sale of any item/ product listed and sold under the EVENT. The customers cannot seek any exchange or refund of any item/ product purchased under the EVENT.
    • Exception: Only for items/ products under “CLARKS” and “MAX&CO.” brands, exchange will be permitted in any of our “CLARKS” and “MAX&CO.” stores, within 14 days of purchase with a valid receipt. However, even in this case - Online exchange shall not be permitted.
    • Refunds are not allowed in any case whatsoever.
  • Delivery Charges:
    • All purchases above Dhs499/KD49/BHD49 are eligible for free delivery of the orders.
    • All purchases below Dhs499/KD49/BHD49 will have a flat shipping charge of Dhs20/KD2/BHD2, that will be charged/ included at the time you complete your payment transaction to the total bill.
    • All Major Domestic Appliances purchased under the EVENT will have a flat fee of Dhs.100/KD10/BHD10 for delivery and installation.
  • Warranties:
    • All home appliances (both small and large appliances) will carry a one-year manufacturer’s warranty against any manufacturing defect.
  • Item/ Product descriptions:

We have taken utmost care and endeavoured to ensure error free uploading of items/ products and their descriptions. However, we do not warrant that the content of the Website including, without limitation, items’/ products’ descriptions, pricing, photographs etc. under the EVENT, are accurate or complete.

  • We reserve the right to revoke any stated offer on our Website and/ or EVENT, and to correct any omission, error or inaccuracy, before or after an online order has been submitted, whether or not the online order has been confirmed or your payment has been processed, as permitted by law.